Investor Relations Manager

Role Overview

The Investor Relations Manager oversees and manages FundX’s relationships with the investment community, shareholders and stakeholders more generally.

The Investor Relations Manager is accountable for creating and presenting a consistently applied investment message to the investment community on behalf of FundX, and for monitoring the opinions of the investment community regarding the company's performance and operations.

Additionally, the Investor Relations Manager monitors and plans FundX’s future equity and loan capital needs, and proactively secures funding as required.

The Investor Relations Manager is also a key contributor to strategy, product development, marketing and public relations.

Job Description

The primary role of the Investor Relations Manager is to measure, monitor and manage all investor and funding matters throughout the FundX business. The Investor Relations Manager is expected to act proactively to source and secure equity capital and loan capital funding at the lowest effective cost.

The Investor Relations Manager must also represent FundX in the investment and capital markets community and continually reinforce FundX’s reputation as an attractive investment opportunity. 

The Investor Relations Manager works closely with leadership and technical staff to assess and communicate key business changes to investors and stakeholders.

Strategic planning is also an important part of the role, since it is the Investor Relation Manager's responsibility to proactively forecast future funding requirements.

Specific Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Develops and maintains a company investor relations plan
  • Maintains comprehensive competitive intelligence, including financial metrics and differentiation
  • Develops and monitors performance metrics for the investor relations function
  • Establishes the optimum shareholder structure, and sources additional shareholder capital as required
  • Establishes the optimum loan capital structure, and sources additional loan capital as required
  • Monitors operational changes through ongoing contact with company management, and develops investor relations messages based on these changes
  • Creates presentations, press releases,  and other communication materials for earnings releases, industry events, and presentations to shareholders, analysts, brokers, affiliates and investors
  • Oversees the production of all external reports and regulatory filings
  • Manages the investor relations aspects of the company web site
  • Serves as the key point of contact for the investment community
  • Establishes and maintains relationships with the capital markets community
  • Organizes conferences, road shows, conference calls, and investor meetings
  • Provides feedback to management regarding the investment community's perception of how the company is being managed, and their view of its financial results
  • Represents the views of the investor community to the management team in the development of corporate strategy
  • Provides feedback to the management team regarding the impact of capital changes


The performance of the Investor Relations Manager is measured against the following KPls:

  • Sufficiency and cost (i.e. dilution) of shareholder / equity funding.
  • Sufficiency and cost of loan capital.
  • External feedback – website, press, professional publications.
  • Board and Shareholder feedback.


If you would like to apply for the role of Investor Relations Manager for FundX, please send an email with your CV.