Brendan Yell

Brendan is an experienced technology entrepreneur, mentor and investor whose career online started at age 14 when he developed an online service that his friends, with 300 baud modems, could dial into. At aged 19, Brendan worked for the world’s first commercial online service CompuServe while studying a degree in technology. Brendan worked at Optus Vision in Australia deploying cable modems in a world first trial on an HFC network. In 1999 Brendan founded which expanded to 7 countries and over 1 million members. In 2004, Brendan relocated to San Francisco to further ShopFree’s push into the USA market.

As a mentor and consultant Brendan has worked with VinoMofo, Shop A Docket, SportsBet, the Australian Radio Network and rock band INXS. Brendan currently is Director of Community Development for SoftLayer, which was recently acquired by IBM. Brendan is also a mentor at Muru­D, Accelerating Commercialisation, TechBeach, NRMA Jumpstart, Incubate and SlingShot.